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Course Schedule: As per email agreement or course confirmation document.

Group Registration Policy: A minimum of participants is required. A minimum charge will apply to the client if there are fewer participants on the course as per email, contract or course confirmation document.

Client Cancellation Policy: Notification of course cancelled by client must be received by email ( or fax to 613-237-6778 one day prior to the course date. A 20% administration fee will be charged if no notification is submitted within 1 day of the course reserved and scheduled unless it’s an emergency.

Payment Policy: COD – credit card, direct deposit, e-transfer or corporate check is accepted.

Classroom Policy: The client shall secure a conference style room with chairs and one table. If client cannot provide a classroom, training will be provided at no extra cost at the office of the Canadian Group Emergency Training Inc located at 119-1803 St-Joseph boulevard, Orléans, Ontario.

Recording Policy: The course may be voice recorded for audit, training and quality assurances (Q/A) purposes as per our privacy practices to comply with applicable Canadian Federal, provincial and territorial laws, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). The client will be advised by the instructor that the course may be recorded and make a reasonable effort to ensure that the client and (participant, student, etc.) is advised of the specific purpose for which the information will be used. All recording is kept for a period of 5 years.

Language Policy: All courses will be offered either in English or in French, not both languages in one course.

Evaluation Policy: The evaluation should be conducted near the end of the course at a time specified by the course instructor and included as an event in the course syllabus. Participants have the responsibility to participate in the evaluation process and to provide constructive and measurable feedback.

Certification Policy: Certification(s) will be issued to successful participants in class and/or e-card PDF certification card will be emailed directly to client.

Course Time Frame Policy: The Instructor may be flexible in the course time frame to meet the needs and interest of participants. However, all minimum provincial and federal time frame will be enforced. CGET Inc will offer at no extra cost a monthly training session at our location for any supplemental practice requested by the client or the participant.

Accreditation Policy: The Canadian Group Emergency Training Inc (CGET Inc.) and all its subsidiaries offers Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Automated External Defibrillation (AED) and First Aid courses that meets (when applicable) the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, American Heart Association, Life Saving Society of Canada, WSIB Ontario Regulation 1101 and Federal First Aid guidelines. CGET Inc occupational health and safety courses are compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario, the Canada Labour Code Part II (CLC Part II) and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA).

Complaint Policy: Complaints about the teaching/learning experience raised by participants shall be addressed in a way which respects the rights of all parties and which leads to the rapid resolution of the disputes. Complaint must be made in writing within ten (10) days of the incident(s) giving rise to the complaint. Description of the complaint, including time and date. The Canadian Group Emergency Training Inc will review all documents provided, contact with appropriate persons knowledgeable about the complaint, and make inquiries as needed.

The Canadian Group Emergency Training Inc will respond in writing within thirty (30 days) of the date of the received complaint. Punctuality Policy: Participants have the responsibility to arrive on time of the scheduled course. Failure to comply within 20 minutes of the beginning of the course, the instructor may ask the participant to come back at the next course offered.

Participants Code of Conduct Policy: The participants are responsible to uphold an atmosphere of civility, honesty, equity and respect for others, thereby valuing the inherent diversity in the classroom. Failure to do so, the instructor will advise the client of the matter and may cancel the course.

Instructor Course Cancellation Policy: Canadian Group Emergency Training Inc and all its subsidiaries course Instructors are expected to avoid cancelling courses. If illness or other emergency prevents an instructor from teaching a course, decisions to cancel courses will be made immediately following the incident. The client and/or participants impacted will be emailed of the cancellation. Cancelled course will be re-scheduled as soon as possible.

Emergency Evacuation Policy: The client will arrange for and provide the Canadian Group Emergency Training Inc information of the emergency evacuation procedures of their organization prior to the beginning of a course.

Risk Waiver & Consent Policy: By registering for this course, the client and/or participant recognize that risk of injury or potential health risk may be involved in participation in the course. The client and/or participant hereby willingly assume such risk of injury or health risk for themselves or for the person/group for whom they are legally responsible and assume full responsibility during and after participating in the course. The client and/or participant, their heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns hereby release, waive and forever discharge Canadian Group Emergency Training Inc., all of its subsidiaries, all other organizations, associations and companies associated with any of the programs courses and activities offered by Canadian Group Emergency Training Inc., all its subsidiaries and all their respective agents, employees officials, contractors, sub-contractors, representatives, successors and assigns of and from all claims, demands, damage, costs and actions whatsoever and however caused, arising or to arise by reason of my participation in the program, course or any of its associated activities.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: Canadian Group Emergency Training Inc. 613-237-6778

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